Colouring Pencils - For Ages 6-9 Years


Colouring Pencils - For Ages 6-9 Years

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This beautiful 12 pack of erasable colour pencils from Love Writing Co. perfectly complement our colouring books and colouring posters.

Drawing and colouring is fun and effortless with these beautiful Love Writing Co. erasable colour pencils, especially developed to fit a child’s hands.

Colouring plays a key role in helping children learn pencil control. These colour pencils are uniquely designed to encourage the correct tripod grip whilst preventing muscle fatigue. This will allow your child to colour for longer whilst building good learning habits.

These colouring pencils are also fully erasable, meaning any mistakes can be easily corrected. They are also suitable for both left or right handers.

Will help your child: 

  • Write, draw and colour more often
  • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip
  • Develop hand muscle co-ordination
  • Learn pencil control
  • Apply less pressure when drawing
  • Erase any mishaps and mistakes

Perfectly designed for a child’s hand:

  • Wider diameter –  easier to hold
  • Softer core –  pencil moves smoothly
  • Hexagonal shape – aids tripod grip
  • Correct length – ages 6-9 years
  • Fully erasable – no more mistakes
  • Premium finish – simple to clean
  • Linden wood – light yet strong
  • Responsibly sourced – FSC certified
  • Endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association

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